Needle Know-How

One of the biggest causes of thread breaks is related to your needle. It needs to be the proper size and point type for the thread and fabric, and it needs to be inserted correctly. If it is worn with a burr or a chip on it or the point is dull, this also will break thread. Sometimes if it is too sharp, it can put a hole or run in the fabric, ruin the embroidery, or break the machine.

You’ll know its time to change out your needles by an increased number of thread breaks, frayed thread or sometimes the needle will break before you can replace it.  The trick is to change the needle as soon as you notice these symptoms and before you touch the timing or anything else more complicated.

Heavy, coarse materials are harder on your needles. You should change out your needles based on wear, not by the clock. By changing your needles at the appropriate times, you will improve or sustain the quality of your embroidery.

Trouble-Shooting Tips
1. If the eye is too small, it can give the embroidery a scuffed look; if the eye is too big, you can end up with sloppy-looking stitches.

2. Simply cleaning the needle can solve some sewing troubles. Use a 10x linen tester, a jeweler’s loupe, or good magnifying glass to check your system and size numbers as well as to determine the presence of dirt buildup or wear and tear on the needles. Remember that a dull needle doesn’t pick up thread—whether it started off as a sharp or a ballpoint.


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