How To Minimize Looping

Each time a needle moves up and down through the fabric, it experiences friction. When all things are not in harmony, this friction can cause thread to stretch forming unsightly loops in an embroidered piece. If you are having problems with looping, here are a few tricks to try:
1.    Have the loosest practical tension balance between the bobbin and top thread.
2.    Check your stitch density. When density is too high, loops can form as thread rubs against previous stitches.
3.    Try a larger needle (larger eye or diameter) to assure smooth thread flow through the needle’s eye, groove, and hole in the goods.
4.    Increase the thread’s lubrication. This can be done by spraying silicone on thread or installing a silicone lubricator.
Whenever you find a solution to a problem, document it.


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