Humidity Problems with Water Soluble Stabilizer

Q. I have trouble with my soluble stabilizer in the humid weather. It feels like a wet noodle, and the foot sticks to it. Is there any resolution for this?

A. If you are using a water soluble film, if will definitely will be affected by humidity. Keep it away from excessive heat or humidity by storing it in a plastic bag in a cool place except when using it.

An even better option is to use a woven water soluble stabilizer. This type is not affected by humidity, and it offers several other advantages as well. Fibers hold threads far better than films. Your threads become more easily entangled with the fibers and your fabric offering a firmer support and better definition. Film stabilizers are severely affected by outside conditions. They also can needle perforate. As there are no fibers to bind together, parts of your stabilizer can fall away before you want them to.



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