Embroidery Digitizer Donates Proceeds From Eagle Design to Troops

USMC Jeremy, son of Lyn Christian, just returned in late Feb 2011 and is leaving for overseas again in just a month.

With a military son overseas, Lyn Christian, an embroidery designer, digitizer, and educator, wanted to do something for our troops. “Many young men in my son’s command do not get anything from home,” says Christian.

The designer decided to digitize a pencil-sketched style version of an American eagle’s head for machine embroidery and offer it for sale with the proceeds being used to create care packages for the soldiers.

Purchase this beautiful embroidery digitized design for only $10 and help pay for care packages to be sent to our soldiers.

“This eagle will help pay for postage and contents of boxes shipped overseas for our troops. “I hope to be a ‘mom’ to as many as I can,” she says.  “These little treats from home boost moral and always bring smiles.”

This gorgeous design is available in all home and commercial embroidery machine formats and only costs $10. You can purchase it on Lyn’s website at http://ow.ly/7bmIP.


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