Zen Doodling Offers Creative Outlet For Quilt Designer

Teri Lucas, http://terificreations.wordpress.com, is a 17-year veteran quilter who teaches machine quilting in Hartsdale, NY (and nationally), does custom quilting, and writes quilt patterns for several companies from her home in Bronx, NY.

When Lucas wants to get her creative juices flowing, one technique she uses is to Zentangle®, http://www.zentangle.com/index.php, an easy-to-learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. “As a quilter I like to use it to play with quilting technique,” she says.


Zentangle is a new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity and it can provide artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. It’s enjoyed by people with a wide range of skills and ages and is used in many fields.

For people who are convinced they can’t draw, Zentangle removes that barrier, because it removes any intimidation of facing a blank sheet of paper. A novice’s work can be put next to a “pros” work and fit right in.

To get started, Zentangle offers a kit, which includes high-quality artist paper, pens, pencils, an instruction book, and DVD. Go to http://www.zentangle.com/products.php to order the kit.


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