Happy Independence Day from HTC-Retail

Celebrate your Fourth of July with freedom of creativity.  This patriotic embroidered butterfly is compliments of The Embroidery Garden; a perfect design for a festive t-shirt or sundress. (http://www.embroiderygarden.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=540 ) When choosing a stabilizer for wear and accessories, a top consideration is softness. Easy Stitch, offered by HTC Retail is made of super soft 100% polypropylene and ensures that the wearer will never know it’s there. Because it is manufactured without formaldehyde, it is safe for children and better for the environment. It also is inherently fire retardant.  Easy Stitch also is ideal for any light stitch embroidery project. (http://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid34.html)