Make Your Own Recycled T-shirt Tunic


 Here’s a recycled project from June/July 2012 Family Fun Magazine.  This recycled T-shirt tunic can be made from old t-shirts in your closet.  Whether you are making this for a child as a dress or to be worn by an adult as a top, this project is under 30 minutes.  Start with an ironed T-shirt (men’s medium or large). Lay it flat, mark and cut the sleeves and neck from the shirt. At what will be the neck of the tunic, fold and press with an iron a 1 1/4-inch hem toward the inside of the shirt, on both the front and the back. Use embroidery thread and a needle to sew the two hems into 1-inch-wide channels. Attach a safety pin to a 48-inch-long, 3/4-inch-wide fabric ribbon. Feed the ribbon, pin first, through both channels to form a loop. Pull the ribbon to cinch up the neck of the tunic, and then tie the ribbon ends in a bow.

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