Handy Tools andTips Make Quilting Easier

(photo courtesy of istockphoto)

Here are some great tools for quilters that can help make quilting faster and easier.  The following tips come from FaveCrafts.com the Quilting category titled “Unexpected Tools for Quilters.” (http://www.favecrafts.com/Quilting/Unexpected-Tools-for-Quilters/ct/1). • Stiletto Heel- Hold down the fabric with a stiletto heel as you feed it under the presser foot. Your seam allowances will come out more even. • Sandpaper- Glue fine sandpaper to a piece of foam board. Use this board under your fabric to hold it snuggly in place with no slipping. • Paper lunch sack- Fold down a paper sack a few inches and tape to the edge of your sewing table. Drop scrap fabric, excess thread and other trash into this bag as you sew to keep your area clean. • Old Car Mat- Place an old car mat under your sewing machine foot pedal to keep it from shifting. • White Vinegar- A cup of white vinegar added when prewashing fabrics will help set colors. • Furniture glides- Tape a thin Teflon rectangle to the bed of the sewing machine as a guide for seam allowances. The sticky, felt circle kind also help to secure rulers and other supplies

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