Shopping Cart Caddy Is A Must Have

Grocery shopping is a chore and when you add in couponing and budgeting, it becomes a trying task. It’s not unusual for a shopper to have a grocery list, coupon clutch, calculator, grocery ad, purse, and water bottle all crammed into the top part of the cart. While shopping, select coupons are pulled so they will be handy during checkout. These often get shoved in the top of the basket and a few fall through the holes and get lost.

Not any longer. This shopping cart caddy is functional and attractive. All your organizational needs are met in one handy accessory. Becca from Blue Cricket Design shows how to make a cart caddy with a step-by-step tutorial. The necessary materials are basic: fabric, interfacing and biased tape. Find this pattern and instructions at

HTC-Retail offers Pattern Ease; a nonwoven tracing material that has a wide range of uses for sewing, embroidery, and craft projects. This white material is made from 80% polyester/20% cellulose and is stronger and more opaque than standard paper products.

You can trace on this material in pencil, pen, or chalk to design or duplicate a pattern that is then used to cut out the appropriate material. It also can be used as a light interfacing for sewing projects or as a stabilizer for light embroidery projects. Find this product at


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