One Yard Of Interfacing And You Are Halloween Ready

 Teabag costume

You don’t have to skimp on a Halloween costume just because you don’t have the time or the money. Make a teabag for you or your little one. Click here for the tutorial:

An ideal material for making this costume is #1140-1, Fusi-Form Lightweight. This fusible, nonwoven interfacing has crosswise give for soft, controlled shaping. Learn more at:

Life Support for Quilters

Life Support

This Free Pattern Is A Real Treat


These creative treat bags are great for Halloween parties or as a special gift for your children or grandkids. To make your own, visit:

Stitch Witchery makes it easy to apply decorations with no stitching required. Just cut a piece slightly smaller than your decoration and heat fuse it on. Stitch Witchery allows you enhance projects by fusing any type of fabric, trim, or appliqué to an assortment of fabrics.

For more information on HTC Retail’s Stitch Witchery visit:

Make An Old-Fashioned Tomato Pin Cushion

pin cushion

Don’t spend another penny on regular old pin cushion. You have everything you need lying around your sewing room to make this cute green tomato pin cushion. This tutorial includes a supply list and step-by-step instructions. Check it out at:

To make the tomato leaves you will need a small piece of batting. Try using HTC Retail’s Fusible Fleece, #9720, a 3.2-ounce material that is denser than batting, but offers better loft, dimension, and is more durable. Because of its fusible backing, which is activated at 300 degrees F, Fusible Fleece holds in place while quilting or sewing.

Click here to learn more about it:


How To Recognize A Quilter

Signs Of A Quilter

HTC Retail Offers 2.0-Ounce Premium Cutaway

HTC 2.0 Cutaway high res_web

HTC Retail 2.0-ounce premium cutaway, #9250-1, offers optimal stability because it is a soft, dense, nondirectional nonwoven. One layer is all you need to match the stitch count and density with the weight and stretch of your material. The 2.0-ounce weight is recommended for approximately 20,000 stitches in a moderately dense design. It’s also idea for support of delicate fabrics.

This cutaway is made of 60% polyester/40% rayon using a wet-laid process, which ensures that the embroidery holds its shape for the life of the garment. It helps achieve the “tambourine skin” tension in the hoop that is necessary for proper registration. The single layer also helps reduce bulk.

This stabilizer is made of a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled polyester fibers and a sustainable cellulose source making it environmentally friendly. For more information, visit or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510 0349: email:

Create A Carry-All For Your Casserole Dish


Don’t show up with a cold casserole or a melted ice cream cake ever again. Carry your favorite dish in style. This custom carry-all can be used with a standard-size casserole or square dish. Instructions are included to make a matching potholder. Visit:

HTC Retail’s Form-Flex-All-Purpose Fusible, 1010-1, is the perfect material for this project. It is a fusible, woven interfacing in a 22-inch width that works well with medium-weight quilting cottons and lightweight cotton canvas/linen blend fabrics. It provides firm support and can be machine washed warm, delicate cycle, and tumbled dry on low. It also can be dry-cleaned.

To more info on Form-Flex-All-Purpose Fusible go to:

Reward Yourself For Getting Organized

Reward Yourself

Stop Guessing When Choosing A Stabilizer

HTC retail chart

HTC Retail has an interfacing usage chart that is designed to take the guesswork out of choosing the best product for your project. To view the chart, go to: Also here is an online tutorial for tips and suggestions from Threads magazine. Go to:

Follow The Road To California… Quilter’s Conference and Showcase

road to california

Don’t miss out on this seven-day quilting event packed with events, classes, exhibits and don’t forget FUN! Registration opened July 13. Don’t worry if a class is full; sign up to volunteer. Volunteers who work at least six hours receive an option of a free lecture (space permitting, onsite) or priority registration.

Visit: for a complete list of class availability.

Road to California Inc.