New Embroidery Book Offers Basics Of Hand Embroidery

Doodle Stitching

Hand embroidery is making a comeback. Whether you want to brush up on techniques or learn them for the first time, “Doodle Stitching” by Aimee Ray offers nearly 30 designs using easy-to-learn stitches. There’s also information about floss, fancy thread, fabrics, needles, and hoops. You can preview a portion of the book at .


Make A Turkey T For Thanksgiving

Turkey Tee

If you are one of those people who likes to dress for the occasion, this project is a great way to prepare for November’s biggest holiday. Offered on the blog “EmmiGrace and Me,” is a free pattern along with eight simple steps. Go to .


Stabilize this turkey design with HTC’s 1.5-ounce tearaway. Made of 75% rayon and 25% polyester, #3190-7 has a needle lubricant to ensure smooth sewing. It can be washed or dry-cleaned and remnants remove cleanly when torn away. For more info, go to

Where Do You Hide Your Stash?

Oct. 25

Free Holiday Inspiration Book Offers More Than 10 Projects

fee holiday book

It just doesn’t feel like a holiday if our homes aren’t decorated. This free book offers 37 pages of projects for holidays throughout the year including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter. Now you can get a head start on your holiday projects and spend more time
celebrating with family and friends. Download your free ebook, with 10 projects at:

Sew It All Offers How-To Show On PBS Television Stations


Sew It All, a one-stop online store with hundreds products, projects, and tips for sewing, quilting and crafting, now has its own TV show in some PBS regions. You can get episodes dating from 2011 to today by visiting

A Never-Ending Story

Oct. 18

Create The Perfect Lampshade For Any Room In The House

how to cover a lampshade 24


Kristi, an interior decorator with Addicted 2 Decorating, shows how to turn a plain lampshade into exactly what you’ve been looking for. For complete instructions go to:


Kristi uses a peel ‘n’ stick adhesive; however, another good product for this project is HTC Retail’s Stitch Witchery, . It fuses any type of fabrics, trims, or appliqués to wood, cardboard, paper, metal, and other porous materials that will not be washed or dry-cleaned.

Don’t Give Old Pillowcases Away Make One of These 18 Projects

Pillow Case Dress

Follow the environmentally friendly recycle and reuse rule with these 18 easy projects for old pillowcases. At you’ll find everything from MP3 player pillows to doll blankets to aprons.


When gathering materials for your pillowcase creations, consider HTC’s Whisper Weft, a weft-insertion interfacing used for tailoring applications such as underlining and collar/lapel shaping. It adds durability without taking away from the soft, gentle feel of the project. To learn more go to:

How Fabric Is Like Cookies

Oct. 11

Unique Thanksgiving Advent Calendar Is Reminder to Be Thankful

advent calendar _thanksgiving


Children love advent calendars so why not make one this year for Thanksgiving? Blogger Kristyn Luna,, hosted a guest blogger, Rach H,, who offers a creative take on an advent calendar that can be dressed up or down depending on your budget. Don’t spend a lot of money; use old T-shirts or scraps of fabric and follow the simple directions.


HTC Armo Fleece Plus is a great choice for this project. It is easy to work with and offers the kind of durability that ensures your project will hold up after years of use. Check it out at