Unique Thanksgiving Advent Calendar Is Reminder to Be Thankful

advent calendar _thanksgiving


Children love advent calendars so why not make one this year for Thanksgiving? Blogger Kristyn Luna,http://lilluna.com/thanks-for-giving-rachel-from-family-ever-after-thanksgiving-advent-calendar/, hosted a guest blogger, Rach H, http://www.familyeverafterblog.com/, who offers a creative take on an advent calendar that can be dressed up or down depending on your budget. Don’t spend a lot of money; use old T-shirts or scraps of fabric and follow the simple directions.


HTC Armo Fleece Plus is a great choice for this project. It is easy to work with and offers the kind of durability that ensures your project will hold up after years of use. Check it out at http://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid50.html.



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