How You Spell Disaster

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Celebrate Black History Month By Quilting

Black History

February is Black History Month. In this short video by BET, Faith Ringgold tells the story of how African-Americans have used quilting to share their history and pass down their traditions throughout the generations. Watch how these artists are keeping the art of quilting alive. Watch the full video here:

Show Off Your Olympic Spirit With A Quilted Mug Rug

Olympic Rings

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are right around the corner. Show off your Olympic spirit with this Olympic rings mug rug offered on the Sew Lux Fabric blog. This simple design is quick and easy to quilt, and it is a great display piece for your viewing party.

HTC Retail offers Quilt-Fuse #3240-1 ( for making this mug rug.  For the mug rug tutorial, go to:

Finding That Perfect Home

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Quilting T-Shirts Make A Great Fashion Statement

quilt tshirt

If you love to quilt, show off your passion to the world with a fun quilting T-shirt. Two Chicks Designs have more than 120 quilting-themed T-shirts that make a great addition to any quilt-lover’s wardrobe. All T-shirts are preshrunk and fit true to size. For pricing and design options, go here:

Quilt Custom Designs With Tissue Paper Templates


In these two great tutorials by Quilts by Jen, learn how to make and use tissue paper quilting templates. Jen walks you through the process of creating custom quilting templates from your own designs and then explains how to use them for your project. For the tutorial on how to make a template, go here: Go here to learn how to use your template: .

Even better than tissue paper for making quilt templates is HTC Retail’s Fun-Dation. This translucent, nonwoven tearaway is stronger than paper, but still allows you to see through fabric layers for easier positioning and less flipping back and forth. It will not tear prematurely as can happen with tissue paper, and it tears away cleanly without the use of tweezers.

For more info, go to .

Going To The Dogs

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