Precut Interfacing To Save Time

We found this great time-saving tip from Angela Wolf’s blog “Fashion, Sewing, & Fishing.” She is a fan of HTC’s Fusi-Knit so we had to include it in this month’s posts. To see other great tips and ideas, go to

Now, onto a quick time-saving tip.  When I sit down to sew, there are a few items that I quite often need and I find it faster to prepare these in advance.  One example is fusible interfacing: hemming jacket sleeves, plackets, zipper placement, bound button holes, these are just the first few areas I need the interfacing and to get up, unfold the interfacing and cut 1 strip is a total “time sucker”, my new word for the year!  For jacket hem’s I typically use 3″ to 4″ wide strips of interfacing and for the zipper placement 1″ to 1-1/2″ strips.HTC Fusi-Knit angela-wolf-olfa-rotary-cutter-sewing1

This is lightweight fusible interfacing (HTC Fusi-Knit) and with two layers you can still see through the interfacing to line up the 1″ grid on the Olfa cutting mat.

Keeping the grain lines and stretch of the interfacing in mind:

  • Cut strips parallel to the selvage 28″ long by 1 1/2″ wide. The most common use for these strips is to support the center back seams on a dress when inserting a hidden zipper (I am hooked on sewing dresses lately!) and it is rare that I would need longer than 28″ for a zipper.
  • HTC Fusi-Knit angela-wolf-olfa-rotary-cutter-sewing2 Cut strips perpendicular to the selvage 4″ long by the width of the interfacing (in this case 22″ wide). These strips are perfect for re-hemming jackets and sleeve hems. If you do alterations, this is really a bonus to have these cut strips on hand.HTC Fusi-Knit angela-wolf-olfa-rotary-cutter-sewing3
  • Store these strips in a photo box next to your sewing station and you are all set!


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