HTC Retail Offers Intra-Face Heavyweight Interfacing For Sewing, Craft Projects

HTC Intra-Face Heavy Weight

Intra-Face Heavyweight, #6040-7, offered by HTC Retail, is a sew-in, nonwoven interfacing that adds stability and firm shape to apparel and projects. It’s specially designed for use with heavyweight fabrics making it ideal for adding rigidness to curtains and table linens.

It’s also useful for adding stiffness for waistbands, yokes, button facings, jacket collars and lapels. For projects, it is ideal for creating reinforcement for backpacks, hat brims, baskets, and drapery headers.

It’s made of 80% polyester/20% rayon in a 1.5-ounce weight. It is washable and dry-cleanable.It comes in white in a 20-inch width on a 40-yard bolt.

To order or download a free project, go or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510-0349; email:


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