HTC Retail Offers Fuse-A-Shade Fabric Roller Blind Material

HTC Fuse-A-Shade Product Photo (3)

When decorating any room, the ability to create custom fabric roller shades to coordinate with furniture, valances, cornice boards, and draperies gives you more creative control. With Fuse-A-Shade, offered by HTC Retail, #1650-7, you can choose your fabric and use this fusible, nonwoven interfacing to create blinds in any length or width you need.

Made of 75% polyester/25% rayon, this white material can be bonded to any lightweight fabric that does not have any heat-sensitive decorations or threads. It is recommended to do a test sample on any fabric you want to use. Sheer fabrics may show the adhesive and interfacing through the material.

Certain types of decorator fabrics that have sequins or metallic threads, silks, or fabrics that are napped may not be appropriate. Also if the fabric has a water- or stain-repellent finish or is sensitive to heat and moisture, it may not bond well.

Fuse-A-Shade can be used for any project needing rigid, lightweight support such as decorative folders, table runners, flags, or wall hangings.

For window blinds, it’s best to tack down your fabric to Fuse-A-Shade using an iron and then take the blind to the cleaners to have it pressed there. It comes on a bolt that is 48 inches wide by 30 yards long.

Also available is a Fuse-A-Shade Fabric Roller Shade kit, #5800. The kit includes a cardboard roller, wall brackets (but no screws), draw string, plastic roller hardware, Stitch Witchery, and Fuse-A-Shade fusible interfacing measuring 72 inches long by 41 inches wide, which should fit most size windows. Instructions are included and are located inside the roller of Fuse-A-Shade. You will need to purchase a pull bar and mounting screws. It retails for $29.99.

For complete application instructions, go to

To order, download a free project, or find the dealer nearest you, go or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510-0349; email:


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