Annie’s Online Class Teaches How To Quilt As You Go

quilting class

Annie’s Craft Store offers a DVD   on quilting.  The “Learn To Quilt As You Go” class, taught by Nancy McNally, teaches several quilt-as-you-go methods step-by-step, while completing five projects.  Included are downloadable and printable class patterns in PDF format in addition to the online video content.

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State Fair Of Texas Announces 2015 Creative Arts Competition Handbook – September/October

texas fair competitionhandbook3

The State Fair of Texas is offering its 2015 Creative Arts Competition Handbook for those wishing to enter this year’s State Fair.  Scheduled From September 25 to October 18, 2015, the fair offers competitions in all categories of needlework, including quilts, machine sewing, handwork, embroidery, and more.

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What The Craft Video Shows How To Make Fabric Appliqués

applique video

Lex at What The Craft shows the steps to creating fabric appliqués in this video. Starting with fabric swatches and fusible interfacing, she shows all the steps needed to add them to your project, pointing out possible pitfalls along the way.

HTC Retail’s Fusi-Form Lightweight, # 1140-4, is an ideal choice for this application. It is a fusible, chemically bonded 90% polyester/10% rayon 30-gram fabric nonwoven interfacing for sewing light to medium-weight knits, wovens, and loose-weave wovens.

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Sew Like My Mom Shows How To Repurpose Tees Into Bike Shorts


Melissa at Sew Like My Mom shows how to repurpose old tee shirts into bike shorts.  With lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions, this project will take about 15 minutes to complete.

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Crafty Gemini Video Teaches How To Make A Fourth Of July Quilted Runner

quilt runner

Vanessa at the Crafty Gemini has posted a video showing the steps needed to make a Fourth of July themed quilted tabletop runner. This beginner level project walks you step by step through the process of cutting pieces, arranging them, and adding borders.

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Book Shows How To Teach Yourself Embroidery

embroidery book

Donna Kooler is offering a publication entitled “Teach Yourself To Embroider.”  This step-by-step book takes you from materials and tools needed through stitching techniques to the finishing steps.  With complete instructions and excellent stitch diagrams you will be able to complete the designs in this book.

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Europe’s Festival Of Quilts To Visit Birmingham, England In August


The Festival of Quilts, Europe’s leading quilting show, will be in Birmingham, England August 6 – 9, 2015.  This show will feature workshops, lectures, panel discussions, more than 300 exhibitors, and quilt galleries showcasing leading quilt designers.

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