HTC Offers Quilt-Fuse™ Fusible Nonwoven Layout Grid

HTC Quilt-Fuse

Cut the time and effort involved in pieced designs like watercolor, Bargello, photography quilts and more, while adding stability and uniformity to your block sewing with HTC Quilt-Fuse™. Fusible on one side with a 2-inch preprinted layout grid, Quilt-Fuse™ is designed for simplifying techniques that rely on careful placement of fabric squares to create artistic visual effects.

Simply cut the translucent white material to the size of the finished project with a 6- to 8-inch margin on all sides. Lay out your design on the light-gray grid on the fusible side, using 1-, 2- or 4-inch fabric squares. The brushed surface holds the squares in place until you’re ready to fuse and then stitch them, using the grid as a guide.

Quilt-Fuse™ reduces the need for pinning and makes sewing faster and more accurate when working with many small blocks and long seams. The 48-inch width is large enough for most projects, yet easy to manage at the sewing machine. U.S.-made of polyester and cellulose, Quilt-Fuse™ adds light interfacing support without bulk and is washable and dry-cleanable.

It works great for pillows, table runners and wall-hangings, as well as quilts, offering expanded design opportunities. Quilt-Fuse™ is sold in 25-yard rolls. To learn more, go to

For more information or find the dealer nearest you, visit or call (800) 275-4275; fax: (212) 545-0603: email:


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