Martha Stewart Shows How To Make A Colorful Fabric Clutch


Robin Grawunder and Martha Stewart have provided a project to make a fabric clutch.  It includes a full list of materials and step-by-step instructions, as well as a video.

HTC Retail’s Form-Flex All Purpose, 1010-2, , is durable press fusible woven for firm support and stability.

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Craftsy Offers Project Upcycle Class


Betz White, childrenswear designer and best-selling author, and Craftsy are providing a class entitled “Project Upcycle – Thrifty Sewing Projects.”

Betz teaches you about repurposing and being thrifty at the same time.  It includes where and what to look for, and how to recycle vintage clothes and inexpensive materials and convert them into one-of-a-kind designs.

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Man Sewing Video Shows How To Sew A Teepee


Man Sewing with Rob Appell has provided a video showing how to sew a teepee.  Providing full step-by-step instructions, and some useful tips to make the project easier, there is also a link to sources of materials for the project.

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Martingale Offers Sewing Pottery By Machine Book

Sewing Pottery

Martingale is offering a book written by Barbara Warholic called “Sewing Pottery By Machine.” It starts with the simple technique of wrapping fabric strips around cording to make coiled pots.  Then you can take your skills to the next level and make traditional pottery shapes: vases, urns, jugs, and more.  Seven projects are provided to help you put your fabric stash to good use and make something different.

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Creative Machine Embroidery Offers Cutwork Shirt Embroidery Project

Cut Above Embroidery

Shannon Dennis and Creative Machine Embroidery have provided a project to add cutwork embroidery to a button-down shirt.  There is a shopping list and a set of directions…

HTC Retail’s Tear-Away, 3190-7, , is a premium-grade 1.5 oz. tearaway stabilizer that is multidirectionally stable for the ultimate in embroidery support. It works well for this type of project.

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Portland’s Northwest Quilting Expo Announces Quilting Contest In September

Quilt Contest

Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon has announced its 2016 Quilting Contest in September.  It offers multiple awards, including a $2,000 Best in Show award sponsored by Moda Fabrics. There are 12 categories, including one for quilters under age 16. Entries must be received by August 10.

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How to Add Shape And Body To A Blouse Collar With HTC Sof-Knit

1. HTC Sof-Knit Blouse Project Top Photo

Sof-Knit is an all-bias stretch, fusible interfacing that can be used to combine the two steps of interfacing and lining in one step for appropriate fabrics. If you’ve ever wanted to skip the lining step, while adding shape, body, and retaining drapability and a touch of opacity, Sof-Knit might be the perfect interfacing for the job. Check out this tutorial at