Armo Fleece Plus Sew-In Fleece Interlining Offers Stability

HTC Armo Fleece Plus Skillet Handle  Product Photo (1)

Armo Plus Fleece, #9700-1, offered by HTC Retail, is sew-in, needle-punched fleece designed to be used as an interlining for quilts, bags, placemats, wall hangings, and crafts. It is made of 100% polyester and comes in a 45-inch width on a 20-yard bolt.

It provides excellent stability as well as prevents fabric from stretching and distorting. It adds crispness and shaping to any project. It can be machine washed and tumbled dry, and a warm iron can be used as needed. It also can be dry-cleaned.

For best results, fuse it to fabric using HTC Stitch Witchery, #3000-28. This web-like bonding material holds layers together without stitching.

To order, go to For more information or to download a free project, go to or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510-0349; email:


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