Anita’s Quilts And Quilting Offers Necktie Quilt Project

Anita at Anita’s Quilts and Quilting has provided a tutorial on making a quilt using necktie applique. It covers the preparation of the neckties and the steps needed to make the quilt. The information is adaptable to any quilting design.

A great stabilizer choice for this project is HTC Sheer D’Light Lightweight, 2102-7, . It is a premium-grade tearaway that offers support for embroidery

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Provide Firm Support For Purses, Hats and Costumes With HTC Ultra Firm

HTC Retail’s Ultra Firm, 9260-1, is a heavyweight sew-in stabilizer for use with a wide range of projects including wearables, home decorating, and crafts. Firm, yet flexible, it is made of 100% polyester that can be machine washed and tumble dried, or dry-cleaned.

It is easy to mark and cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. There is no grain so it can be cut in any direction. It can be sandwiched between other fabrics, and it will not flatten or distort with steam pressing.

For wearables, it’s an ideal material for making costumes, hat brims, purses, tote bags, and other accessories. For home decorating projects, it can be used to create cornices or as extra support for wall-hanging quilts. It’s also ideal for free motion embroidery and stipple quilting providing a firm and lofty foundation.

For crafts, Ultra Firm can be used in place of paperboard for boxes, folders, frames, and similar projects. It also can be glued and stapled. For added stiffness, you can glue layers of Ultra Firm together. You can set or restore its shape by steam pressing. It comes in white.

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Purl Soho Offers Quilted and Appliqued Thanksgiving Runner Project

The ladies at Purl Soho have provided a lovely quilted and appliqued runner project for Thanksgiving. This quilted runner is double batted to allow it to be used as a heat pad. The creation of this double quilted runner is shown in great detail, with tips provided for making each step more easily.

For the batting, consider HTC’s Fusible Fleece,, a 3.2-ounce 100% polyester, needle-punched fleece that is fusible. It offers better loft and dimension than traditional products.

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Touch O’ Gold II Offers Durability and Shape

Touch O’ Gold II, #1850, is a lightweight fusible interfacing that provides medium grain-wise support. This fusible woven adds durability, shape, and strength while offering soft, fluid drape. It also preserves the feel and qualities of fine and delicate fabrics.

Touch O’ Gold II allows for bias stretch without distortion, while maintaining form and control of the stretch. It is available in black and white and fuses when pressed with light steam. Use of a press cloth is recommended with thin, delicate fabrics.

White Touch O’ Gold II, 1850-1, blends with light-colored fabrics adding a slight opacity. Black Touch O’ Gold II, 1850-2, decreases the see-through characteristics of sheer fabrics without full opacity.

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The Sewing Directory Offers Applique Cushion Project

Karen Robinson has created an Applique Cushion project for The Sewing Directory. This project starts with a full list of supplies and provides illustrated steps to walk you through the process of making this cushion.

HTC Tearaway, 3190-7, , is a stabilizer made of rayon and polyester, which is ideal for stable fabrics and can be machine washed and dry-cleaned, making it perfect for a project like this.

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Advanced Embroidery Designs Offers Christmas Bell Table Topper Project


Advanced Embroidery Designs offes its Christmas Bell Table Topper Project. A downloadable template is provided as well as a list of materials and illustrated instructions. The finished size of the table topper is about 21 1/2 ” x 23 1/2″ (54 cm x 60 cm).

HTC Retail’s Fusi-Form Lightweight, 1140-1, , is a versatile fusible interfacing that is ideal for underlinings and can be machine washed and tumble-dried, making it perfect for a project like this.

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Jennifer Jangles Shows How To Make A Thanksgiving Turkey Potholder


The Jennifer Jangles blog has a great project for Thanksgiving, either for yourself or as a gift.  This embroidered turkey potholder project includes a downloadable printed pattern and a full list of materials required.

HTC Retail’s Fusible Fleece, 9720-1,, is great for projects that require batting and can be washed, run through a dryer or dry-cleaned, making it perfect for a project like this.

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CandidMommy Offers Turkey Handprint Shirt Video


Jeni at CandidMommy has uploaded a video on how to make an applique turkey using children’s handprints. It shows all the steps for this fun project.

 HTC Retail’s Tear Away, 3190-7, , is a lightweight fusible interfacing that is ideal for embroidery on a variety of fabrics and can be machine washed  and tumble-dried, making it perfect for a project like this.

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Windstar Embroidery Design Offers Machine Embroidery Appliqué Tutorial

Embroidery Tutorial

Windstar Embroidery Design has provided a tutorial on using machine embroidery to create an appliqué. It’s a great way to use leftover fabric or even old clothing that you’ll never wear again. Create unique gifts or dress up something for your home.

HTC Retail’s Tear Away, 3190-7, , is an ideal choice when creating appliqués. It is a premium grade tear away stabilizer intended for stability and support that is ideal for embroidery.

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DIYDish Offers Two Ways To Appliqué Video

applique times two

Kim and Kris at DIYDish have provided a video showing two ways to appliqué, either with an embroidery machine or a standard sewing machine. The same design is appliquéd showing the steps necessary to use each style of machine.

HTC Retail’s Trans-Web, 4000-7, is an ideal choice for use with appliqué. It is a clear fusible interfacing that allows for accurate tracing and bonds without stitching.

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