A Makeup Bag That Makes A Difference


This inspired idea for a Relay for Life makeup bag comes from Nancy Zieman’s blog. Zieman’s son asked her to create something for his college fund-raiser, and this is the creative result. Zieman choose a design from the Embroider A Cure collection, which features 20 support ribbon embroidery designs, a product from Designs in Machine Embroidery.

Detailed instructions for constructing this project can be found on Zieman’s blog at http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/machine-embroidery/be-the-difference-makeup-bag/.

To make this project, you can use Eco-Stick, which is a 1.5-ounce “wet laid” nonwoven stabilizer with a biodegradable adhesive. Form-Flex All Purpose is a durable press, fusible woven interfacing made of 100% cotton that offers firm support and stability. Both products can be found at http://www.htc-retail.com/index.php.

Quilting For A Cause

Use your embroidery skills to help make the world a better place. Stitches magazine is planning a high-profile, unique project that invites big-hearted decorators to create a charity- or cause-themed quilting square and then take a charitable action on the worthy cause’s behalf. Once all the squares are compiled, they will be sewn into a single, beautiful quilt. Contact Stitches staff writer Christopher Ruvo at cruvo@asicentral.com for more details. Please do so immediately because there are a very limited number of squares! We’re looking for committed individuals who are passionate about a cause, willing to document their experience through blog entries, photos and videos, and to devote their time to their cause and quilt square.

Share The Blessings With Yummy Thanksgiving Holiday Mix

Thanksgiving traditions are not the same in every family. But one thing is certain and that is the preparation, time, and effort devoted to making your holiday a success. Here is a clever gift idea to say “thanks” to friends, family, hosts, guests, and neighbors. This Blessing Mix treat blog is at AndersRuff.com written by guest blogger Jen Carver. The recipe is easy to follow and packaging ideas are given.

Free templates are available for you to download and print the Blessing Mix pages. Find the directions at http://www.andersruff.com/custom-printable-parties/uncategorized/guest-ruff-draft-thanksgiving-blessing-mix-favors-free-printables/.

You may substitute any dried fruit you like for the orange slices; and sunflower or pumpkins seeds can be used in place of the nuts. Make a batch as an appetizer and serve in a decorative dish on your entryway table. Display the Blessing Mix meanings in a frame for all to read.

Quilts For Kids Recycles Fabric Into A Piece of Home for Sick and Abused Kids

Quilts For Kids is an international organization that was founded by Linda Arye as a way to prevent discontinued fabrics from being dumped in a landfill and a way to support children who were in scary situations. Patchwork quilts made by volunteers are distributed to children with life-threatening illnesses as well places that assist children who have been abused.

If you are a quilter, you can use your stash of brightly colored kid-friendly fabric to create patchwork quilts of your own and donate them to us for nationwide distribution. They need to be sewn and quilted on a machine with lots of quilting so they hold up to industrial hospital laundering.

You also can request a quilt kit from the organization. They will send you the materials, you create the quilt and send it back. You also are invited to donate unwanted quilt materials to the organization. For health reasons, the fabric must be new 100% cotton.

For more information or ideas about how to help, contact us at info@quiltsforkids.org or visit the website at http://www.quiltforkids.org.