San Jose Museum Of Quilts and Textiles Announces 40th Anniversary Exhibition

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles has announced “Expressions of Identity: 40th Anniversary Exhibition.” Running from October 20, 2017 to January 14, 2018, join the Museum as it celebrates 40 years and exhibits and highlights pieces from their permanent collection.

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Choose Which HTC Interlining Best Meets Your Quilt’s Purpose

This month’s free project is a T-shirt quilt featuring four HTC interlinings and information on how to choose the best product for your quilt’s purpose.

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Craftsy Offers Festive Christmas Napkin Tutorial

Marjorie at Craftsy has provided a tutorial for making festive embroidered Christmas napkins. Great for hostess gifts or livening up a holiday meal, this tutorial also provides tips on stabilizer, fabric and design choices.

A great stabilizer choice for this project is HTC Tear Away, 3190-7, . It is a premium-grade tearaway that offers support for embroidery.

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British Quilt and Stitch Village Announces Quilting And Embroidery Contests


The British Quilt and Stitch Village has announced its Open Competition, with entries due January 31, 2018. There are six quilt and five embroidery categories. Anyone can enter, whatever your experience or ability. You don’t have to be an expert, and there are categories for small and large pieces of work.

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Purl Soho Offers Quilted and Appliqued Thanksgiving Runner Project

The ladies at Purl Soho have provided a lovely quilted and appliqued runner project for Thanksgiving. This quilted runner is double batted to allow it to be used as a heat pad. The creation of this double quilted runner is shown in great detail, with tips provided for making each step more easily.

For the batting, consider HTC’s Fusible Fleece,, a 3.2-ounce 100% polyester, needle-punched fleece that is fusible. It offers better loft and dimension than traditional products.

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Sunshine Sewing and Quilting Offers Caribbean Quilting Cruise In February

Sunshine Sewing and Quilting is offering a Fun In The Sun Tropical Caribbean Quilting Cruise February 10-17, 2018. With classes led by quilting artist Fay Nicoll, this cruise will have stops from Ft. Lauderdale to the Dominican Republic. Janome quilting machines will be provided.

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Touch O’ Gold II Offers Durability and Shape

Touch O’ Gold II, #1850, is a lightweight fusible interfacing that provides medium grain-wise support. This fusible woven adds durability, shape, and strength while offering soft, fluid drape. It also preserves the feel and qualities of fine and delicate fabrics.

Touch O’ Gold II allows for bias stretch without distortion, while maintaining form and control of the stretch. It is available in black and white and fuses when pressed with light steam. Use of a press cloth is recommended with thin, delicate fabrics.

White Touch O’ Gold II, 1850-1, blends with light-colored fabrics adding a slight opacity. Black Touch O’ Gold II, 1850-2, decreases the see-through characteristics of sheer fabrics without full opacity.

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