Original Sewing And Quilt Expo At Fredericksburg, Va. In October

Sewing Expo

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo will be held at Fredericksburg, Va. October 1 – 3, 2015.

This expo will feature free Runway Fashion shows, Quilt Walks, Make-it Take-it projects and programming for young sewers.

For more information, visit: http://www.sewingexpo.com/FredericksburgVA.aspx

Learn Another Simple Way To Sew-on Sleeves


Dana at Made blog provides a tutorial on another simple way to sew on sleeves. Using a beach robe pattern, available free, step by step instructions are provided showing how to complete this in a different way.

For more information, visit: http://www.danamadeit.com/2011/07/tutorial-another-simple-way-to-sew-on-sleeves.html

Learn How to Repurpose A Wool Sweater Into A Laptop Bag

laptop bag

Not Dabbling in Normal shows us how to repurpose an old wool sweater into a custom-fitted laptop/diaper bag. Using a thrift store sweater, step-by-step instructions are shown for the conversion.

HTC Retail’s Form-Flex All Purpose #1010-1, http://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid1.htmlhttp://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid3.html,

is an ideal choice for this application. It is a medium-weight interfacing in a soft cotton fusible woven that is useful for sewing light- to medium-weight fabric.

For more information, visit: https://notdabblinginnormal.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/wool-sweater-recycled-to-laptop-diape-bag/

Sew Many Options Leads New York Fashion Tour In September


Sew Many Options Tours’ Marsha McClintock and couture sewing teacher Marla Kazell are leading a New York Fashion Tour Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2015. This tour will include a private half-day city bus tour, a visit to a designer’s workroom, a private viewing at FIT’s clothing collection, Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit and a tour of McCall Patterns.

For more information, visit: http://www.sewmanyoptionstours.com/

Make A Jelly Roll Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour

Jelly Roll

Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Jenny Doan shows how to make the Jelly Roll Race Quilt. This quilt top involves 1,600 inches of fabric that you can finish in less than an hour. This Youtube video shows the steps needed to successfully complete this quilt.

For more information, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bEJLnaZQOU

How To Get The Best Results Using Armo Weft Interfacing

6. HTC Armo Weft web

In a new tutorial recently posted to the HTC Retail website, learn how to use Armo Weft when making a lined jacket. To view or download “How To Get The Best Results Using Armo Weft Interfacing,” go to http://www.htc-retail.com/pdf/htc-armo-weft-tutorial.pdf.

Armo Weft is the perfect foundation support for a lined jacket. The interfacing gives body to the fabric while retaining its drape and movement. Armo Weft controls fraying and stretching in areas with slits or split darts. You can fuse it to every piece of the garment or just those areas that need a boost in strength or body.

Armo Weft is fused to the wrong side of the fabric using a press cloth and a steam iron in a pressing motion, not the sliding motion of traditional ironing. The iron should be pressed down and lifted off.

Learn To Make An Appliqué Apron


Embroidery Library Projects presents the Sweet Stitches apron with appliqué. Providing a list of materials and step-by-step pictorial instructions, this project will guide you through creating a custom apron to call your own.

HTC Retail’s Touch O’Gold II, #1850-1, http://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid55.html is an ideal choice for this application. It is a fusible, lightweight, woven interfacing that is useful for sewing fine, delicate fabrics.

For more information, visit: http://www.emblibrary.com/EL/elprojects/Projects.aspx?cs_productid=pr1932

Learn How and When to Use Interfacing

Using Interfacing

Craftsy has provided a guide on how and when to use interfacing. After discussing when interfacing is applicable, and how to choose the right interfacing for a given task, a step-by-step guide to applying interfacing is provided.

HTC Retail’s Fusi-Form Lightweight, #1140, http://www.htc-retail.com/product-info.php?pid3.html, is an ideal choice for this application. It is a fusible, chemically bonded nonwoven interfacing that is useful for sewing light- to medium-weight knits, wovens, and loose-weave wovens.

For more information, visit: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/06/using-interfacing/

Fusible Fleece Offers Better Loft For Quilts, Table Runners And Vests

HTC Fusible Fleece_3

For projects that require batting, such as quilts, placemats, wall hangings, vests, and jackets, a brand new material is available that is superior to traditional products. Fusible Fleece, offered by HTC Retail, is a 3.2-ounce material that is denser than batting but offers better loft, dimension, and is more durable. It can be washed, dry-cleaned and run through the dryer without damage.

Because of its fusible backing, which is activated at 300 degrees F, Fusible Fleece holds in place while quilting or sewing. The bumpy, rough side is fused to the reverse side of the fabric with a fleece cloth to protect fleece fibers. For best results, cut the fleece slightly larger than the area you want to cover as some shrinkage may occur. To minimize shrinkage, gently steam the nonfusible side as you would a main fabric at the lowest steam setting.

Fusible Fleece comes on a board of 15 yards x 45 inches. For more information, visit www.htc-retail.com or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510 0349; email: info@htc-retail.com.

Craft U Teaches The Fundamentals Of Garment Sewing

garment sewing fundamentals

Craft U is now offering Garment Sewing 101, a technically focused, comprehensive sewing course. In this class, you’ll learn the basics of sewing including various stitches and seam finishes, building a solid sewing foundation and completing two simple projects: a drawstring bag and a zippered pouch, even if you’ve never touched a sewing machine before.

For more information, visit: https://www.craftonlineuniversity.com/courses/garment-sewing-101-learn-the-fundamentals-of-garment-sewing?r=033015SSIA&utm_source=SSIA_Mar30_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=033015_NewSewingClass&et_mid=737540&rid=245798805