Video Demonstrates How To Make Cell Phone Pouch

PattyDoo Cell Phone Pouch

A video on how to make this bag with a bow is available from Pattydoo Loves To Sew. A small size is perfect for a mobile phone or a larger size can be made as a clutch purse. To view the video, which has English subtitles, go to

How To Create A Pattern From An Existing Garment With HTC Pattern-Ease

HTC Pattern-Ease Project Top

Laurie Pessetto shows how to preserve a family heirloom but recreating the pattern using Pattern Ease. This free step-by-step photo project is available for free by going to

HTC Retail Offers Pattern-Ease Nonwoven Tracing Material

HTC Pattern Ease 2mb April 2014Preserve your original patterns by using HTC Retail’s Pattern-Ease, #3100, to make durable copies. It’s made of 80% polyester/20% cellulose so it will not tear easily, and it is strong enough to be used repeatedly and last for years.
You can trace on this material in pencil, pen, or chalk to design or duplicate a pattern that is then used to cut out the appropriate material. It also can be run through an inkjet or laser printer or copier.


For support, it can be used as a light interfacing for sewing projects or as a stabilizer for light embroidery projects.

For embroidery, Pattern Ease adds body and support to fabric during machine stitching. Simply tear away when the work is done. It can be machine washed on warm and dried at a low setting. Iron on the permanent press setting.

Strips of Pattern Ease under seams will stabilize and keep fabric from getting caught in the machine. It also prevents seams from puckering. This white material comes on a 46-inch wide bolt in a length of 50 yards. It is stronger and more opaque than standard paper products.


To order, go to For more information or to download a free project, go to or call (678) 514 0400; (800) 275-4275; fax: (678) 510-0349; email:


Quilting Daily Offers Free Download Of Five Embroidery Designs And Techniques

Quilting Daily 5 Free Emb Designs

In this free eBook, “How to Machine Embroider Quilts: 5 Free Embroidery Designs and Techniques,” offered by Quilting Daily, five award-winning quilters offer their tips and tricks for free motion machine embroidery success.


Go to to download.



Free-Form Embroidery Book Applies Fine Art Principles To Thread

Free Form Embroidery Book

The latest book from best-selling author Judith Baker is a comprehensive stitch guide that takes you beyond traditional embroidery into the realm of fine art. Learn how to create stunning landscapes and seascapes by applying her principles to fabric, thread, and fiber. Learn how to use these materials with other embellishments to convey lifelike trees, flowers, ocean corals, and more with 60 stitches and 67 stitch combinations.


For more information or to order, go to


University of Richmond Presents Embroidery Exhibit of Chinese Textiles

Uni of Richmond Chinese Textiles Exhibit

“Threads of Silk and Gold: Chinese Textiles from the Qing Dynasty is an exhibit on display at the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature located on the campus of the University of Richmond, Richmond, Va.

The textiles of the Qing (Ch’ing) Dynasty (1644-1911) represent the culmination of more than two thousand years of Imperial rule dictating the styles of dress for the royal family, and the tens of thousands of people living and working in the Forbidden City and China’s vast civil bureaucracy. 

The exhibition features examples of many of the techniques used to produce these remarkable textiles, as well as explaining many of the symbols employed to denote the wearer’s rank in Chinese society. The exhibit is on display until May 16, 2014. For more information, go to

Handy Organizer Made From Cut-Off Jeans

Make It

A new website offered by Coats Crafts offers this fun organizer made from the legs of cut-off jeans. The finished hem of the jeans creates the top of the pockets so that there is no need to bind the edge.

This project can be embellished in many ways. In this example, machine embroidery and decorative stitches were used. Other options

include hand embroidery, rick rack, other trims, or appliqué. It can also be personalized and the pockets labeled. Register at to get the free pattern.

Coats Crafts is part of the worldwide Coats Group that traces its roots back nearly 250 years. Coats Group is the world’s largest supplier of crafting products from the innovative cotton sewing threads, to knitting, embroidery crochet, fabrics and a whole range of accessories.

English Artist Creates Realistic Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails

Claire Moynihan Snail

Colossal, an art and visual culture blog,, is featuring a story on artist Claire Moynihan, who lives and works in rural Hertfordshire, England where she creates tiny sculptural insects and snails on felt balls using a variety of free-form embroidery techniques. After completing a collection of work, Moynihan organizes the pieces inside traditional entomological boxes, which from a distance could almost pass for the real thing. See much more of her work in her gallery. (via lustik)

Beautiful Fabric Easter Basket Is Great For Egg Hunting Or Home Décor

30. HTC Intra-Face Heavy Weight Easter Basket Project

Just in time for Easter, HTC Retail offers step-by-step instructions on how to make a keepsake Easter basket for your own children, grandchildren, and friends. Go to for the downloadable pdf.

Tifaifai Quilt Festival Cruise Sets Sail May 1 For Tahiti

Tahiti Quilt Cruise

Quilt Seminars At Sea is offering an all-inclusive cruise scheduled for May 1-10 to the Tahiti and Society Islands. It includes a seven-day cruise on the luxurious m/s Paul Gauguin,two nights precruise hotel in Papeete to visit the Tifaifai Quilt Festival, entrance to the Tifaifai Quilt Festival, three days of quilt classes aboard the ship, and more. Check it out at